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I firmly believe that each and every one of us has the power to change the world. With so much inequality, we have a responsibility to foster change in our current system. The only way that we can create sustainable change is by removing the invisible barriers that exist between us. The positive energy that is fostered by a smile has the power to increase connectedness, understanding, and love. This is where change starts.



There is indeed a special force of energy that takes over any given space when you spend time with those who are older or younger than you. Each and every one of us has different perspectives that are based on our personal experiences. It is opportunities like these that allow us to experience a small glimpse at someone else's journey.



I had the opportunity to spend five days on Little Corn Island in Nicaragua. Though the island is full of natural beauty with small cabins along the ocean, there was a presence of a much stronger force in the environment that manifested happiness. Regardless of the beauty of any given physical environment, the power of being accepted, loved, and connected will always spark our emotional connection to a particular region. In this case, we were greeted with smiles, joyful conversations, and had the unique opportunity of sharing and experiencing a different way of life- one that is very much embedded in family and positive energy.



When we share anything that we have- our passion, possessions, goals, or desires, we give another individual a glimpse of our inner soul. That glimpse is what ignites the flame that is responsible for creating strong relationships and meaningful communication. This process ultimately spreads positive energy, love, and happiness. Don't be afraid to share your soul with others.



Don't let your age determine the amount of happiness and positive energy you allow into your life. This elder gentleman in the village of Tekanpur in Ramechhap, Nepal, shared his giggles and positive vibes with us during a community visit. There is no age limit of giggling and smiling!



Children have the magical gift of spreading happiness with their contagious smiles and endless giggles and laughter. It is almost impossible to leave the presence of a child without smiling!



Throughout the day, we are usually moving from point A to point B with a clear destination and purpose in mind. Sometimes all we need to do is slow down, sit and observe our environment, and allow the positivity to flow back into our lives. This powerful smile was captured during a break from rushing down the streets of Kathmandu. Ama is a perfect reminder that happiness and smiles are present along the journey- all we need to do is slow down and acknowledge it.



Become a social traveller. Instead of taking pictures from a distance and simply walking away, use the image to introduce yourself and spark a conversation. Not only will you receive consent for the image you took, but also you may receive an invitation to be a part of someone else's journey. For me, these 6 smiles and giggles from Ramechhap, Nepal will always symbolize what Social Travelling truly is. Make the ultimate commitment to be a part of others lives.



When we receive a smile from a stranger, we make a choice to either smile back or to look away and ignore the individual. Ultimately, we have an opportunity to embrace the positive energy and foster a strong relationship that is sparked from a simple smile. This is Komala Didi. Her smile was so powerful that it bonded us to a relationship of endless visits, conversations, and experiences. Here she is on our very first visit, knitting a gift for her sister. Our relationship all started with a simple smile.



A moment captured of a group of friends embracing the power of smiles, laughter, and endless giggles. This small complex in Kathmandu, Nepal quickly echoed with love and positive energy during an afternoon recess. Whether it is school, work, or anything in-between, sometimes all we need is a quick break from the daily routine to remind ourselves what is most important in life.

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